Friday, March 21, 2008


It's spring break here and work is always calling my name.  I am supposed to be enjoying myself, relaxing and taking a break. Instead, I find myself thinking up new ideas and making WORK for myself. 

For those of you who are workaholics, like myself, I have created the "Enjoy your day" coupon. Simply print and kick back and enjoy your day. 

The sky is blue, the sun is out, and we only get to live today once. 


Jennifer Juniper said...

I found you because you were next to me in the blog line up! Welcome neighbor and good luck with your new blog!

christa Baca said...
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Junie Moon said...

I love your Enjoy the Day coupon and printed out a few to put in my agenda as reminders. It's important to take time now and then for savoring life. Thank you so much for sharing this brilliant idea. I've posted it on my blog today and linked to you.