Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Back in the eighties I had my own charm bracelet and necklace collection. Well, I also mixed and matched different colors of converse sneakers (Yellow on one foot, teal on the other--of course the fashion fau paux would not be complete unless accompanied with cross colored socks.) So, while we all agree that not all styles from the 80's should be reintroduced into our fashion repitua, there are a few things we can re-embrace.

I have been mutilating old jewelry cast-offs lately and turning them into something wonderful. Everything from pins and earrings to old charms and dangle bracelets is up for reinvention. It's quite easy and very addicting. Here is all you need to get charming:

Grab some split rings (see pic above).  You can get these at your local craft store . Use Needle Nose Pliers to take the "Jump Ring" off of your charm and replace it with a split ring.  Split rings are large and they make it so easy to slip your charms on and off your necklaces.  Pile on  your fav charms, pins etc. and enjoy!

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