Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I (heart) writing on walls

Once upon a time, a very creative five year old was trying to teach her little brother how to draw circles. However there was not a scrap of paper to be found in the house except for "wall paper". Not the best choice, however- she was resourceful and made the best she could of what she had. Proudly, she brought her parents in to see what she had done. Beautiful, hand drawn, circular orbs on an avocado green 70's wall paper backdrop. They weren't pleased to say the least but this story has a happy ending because now people pay her to draw on their walls. 

Ah yes, every artist has their humble beginnings... my rudimentary pen and avocado wall art is now long gone and I would happily say that my art has evolved.  Although the canvas is still the same (The void wall that always calls to me, "Paint me, draw on me!")  the medium has certainly changed.  Ladies and gentlemen please draw your attention to: (drum roll please!)  "The Vinyl wall cling!"

   Check out a few of my own wall decal designs below: 
My ikea desk turned art-fabulous:

If you would like to order your own custom wall clings send an e-mail to:

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