Friday, April 11, 2008

Making $3.34 last

I've heard that the main reason why guys don't like buying their girls flowers is because they sit in a vase and die. I have purposed that whenever my honey buys me flowers I will MAKE IT LAST. Shown here is one example of some flowers that I picked up at the grocer for $3.34. Simply by using items that I have around the house I have assembled five different arrangements. Here are a few tips for making flowers last and maximizing their beauty:

1. Vases: Start collecting an assortment of vases. You don't have to break the bank here- just look around with a creative eye. They most expensive vase that I have pictured here was $4.57 at Wal-mart. All others were under $1.00. I look for interesting ones or vintage finds at yard sales or at Thrift stores. Try to find vases that are different sizes so that as the flowers begin to die you can clip their stems and place them in shorter vases.

2. Nature: Incorporate elements of nature in your arrangements. Keep bunches of dried twigs on hand that you can throw into your floral displays. Rocks also make an interesting focal point when placed at the bottom of a vase.

3. Keep clipping: Continue to trim the stems and remove flowers that are rotting from the bunch. Try to keep mold from growing on the stems of the flowers by rinsing them off. You can also add sugar into the water or a tiny bit of bleach. (Although I prefer the floral food that you get when you purchase the flowers.)

4. Smile and say thanks! The number one way to make your flowers last is: smile and say thank you when someone you love hands them to you. Even if you have to buy them yourself at the grocer give the clerk a big grin and tell them to have a great day. Flowers bloom with love right?

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gabby vonigas said...

i love this post! so cute!! umm that starbucks thing was awesome!!!!! now all i need is an espresso machine and i'm set:)