Saturday, April 19, 2008

Our Journey: The photo that started it all

I once got a note from Greg when we were dating that said this:
"The road ahead is yet unseen...
we journey together to live out our dreams."

Greg and I have had the privilege of traveling to more places than most people would be able to see in a life time of vegging out in front of the the travel channel. Better than seeing all these incredible destinations is all the amazing people that we get to meet and help along the way. (See:

We started taking the journey pics when we were engaged.  It kind of happened by accident.  We were headed to Davids Bridal so my baby sis could try on flower girl dresses.   We saw the fog, grabbed the camera and mom started snapping away.   Since then, every place we go we try to snap one of these pics.  The journey has been exciting and fun.  Plus, there is nothing better than holding your best friends hand as you see the world. 


Jon said...

Love all the pics! You guys are incredible! -- Kristi

Spsmiles said...

love these!

ashley & jeremy parsons said...

I loved these photos - you two seem like an amazing couple!