Saturday, November 29, 2008

A New Spin on Thanksgiving Leftovers

More turkey leftovers than you know what to do with? Here's a great little recipe I came up with: Sopa de Turkey Ole!

1 large can of chicken broth, or you can boil your turkey bones for thirty minutes with half an onion, a clove of garlic and one stick of celery to make your own turkey stock.
Rotel tomatoes with chilies
1 small can of Green chilies (Optional)
Fresh jalapeno
1 small tomato
Fresh avocado
Spices: Salt, Pepper, ground red pepper (only if you like things spicy!)

In slow cooker combine broth, turkey, half an onion, one tsp minced garlic, salt and pepper to your liking, 1 can of rotel, 1 can of green chilis (optional).
Cook all day.

About thirty minutes before serving:
Boil rice. Combine to soup when cooked.

In a separate bowl make pico de gallo, mince : cilantro, onions, tomato, and jalapeno (use sparingly if you can't handle the spice and wash hands after mincing 'cause WOW! a little jalapeno in the eyes is NO FUN!!!). Set aside.

Slice fresh avocado and quarter limes.

Serve soup in bowls, top with pico and avocados.

Finish by squeezing a few lime slices over the soup and enjoy!!

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