Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Late Night Paper

This is kind of a follow up to yesterdays post- and I have to say that I am writing this at 3:00 AM, after  a ridiculously prolonged day at the office.  Greg and I figured out that we put in an obsessive 18 hour day in today.  Most people would be quite distraught at the thought of such an atrocity but I am honestly writing this with a huge smile because in just six short days we will be here.  (I do love my life.)

So, on to the post.  Paper- is there anything more lovely made by man than it?  I just thought that these paper butterflies from Royal Buffet were adorable. 

Also, madly in love with the delicate paper stylings of artist Yuken Teruya as seen here via Apartment Therapy.  These were made from toilet paper rolls!
These are truly amazing: 

 I do love me some paper.  Now, on to the part of the day where I sleep.  Night all!

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Shannon said...

I love paper, too Christa! (this is Shannon from Domata btw..) It's been so long! I love your blog :) I never realized before how much we had in common.. I just know I always liked you! haha