Thursday, April 9, 2009

The great facebook debate

So, I was on facebook and was asking my friend Melissa what day her church "Tag Sale" was. Greg is diabolically opposed to calling it that and prefers to refer to it in other terms. Here's how the convo went and we would love to get you in on the fun by casting your vote here. Before you vote- get informed and read below cause I present some really thought provoking ideas here:

Your VOTE counts! And just so everybody knows- Greg and I aren't mad, we are just having fun here.


Fox Family said...

I see both points of, I choose not to take sides. :) I do think that it is funny that you had to clarify that you weren't fighting and just having you guys ever fight? Too funny!

christa Baca said...

Of course we fight!! After five years we've had our fair share of arguments... we've learned (I think mostly in year five of marriage) how to really talk things out in a healthy way- rather than just getting upset and hurt feelings. As far as the Tag sale goes- it's such a Northern thing to call it that and I just love to give Greg a hard time about it!! (And he likes to spar back. So fun)

Anonymous said...

so....what was your conclusion?