Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Label Freebie!

Every Monday morning we meet with our staff for breakfast over at our house.  I love crowding around our kitchen table as we snack on homemade breakfast rolls and brainstorm ideas that can change the world. (And when I say homemade, let me clarify.  I was at my home and I used my oven.  I consider that homemade.  If I made all the ingredients myself- then I would say "from scratch".  Wink!) 
Today I made Pillsbury Cinnamon twists.  You can actually make them using regular canned  cinnamon rolls without buying the "specially marked Cinnamon Twist can".  Simply unroll each individual cinnamon roll, loop them in the center and twist.  I love a simple, easy, and elegant breakfast.   

Greg's Aunt Dee Dee sent me home yesterday with a batch of her freshly baked friendship bread.  It was made from scratch right out of the oven- so fresh I had to carry it out with oven mitts!  Here is a little photo from our breakfast this morning.  
I downloaded these labels from Poppy Talk.  

 Instead of printing them on Avery Labels I used a light tan card stock.  
Download your free labels here


ShannyLee said...

I love poppytalk!

christa Baca said...

Me too! They are so cute and have such a unique vintage style.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! How fun!

: )

Now we need that friendship bread recipe!

Editor, Co-Founder

{Via email}

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!

Denee Baca said...

Hey Christa, your breakfast table looks so elegant...just like you! I love you.