Monday, May 18, 2009

Eye Candy

I don't know about you, but I had the most wonderful weekend.  I felt like I spent the entire time outdoors, which was lovely.  (Picnicking, reading in the grass, walking the lake, meandering through the country daydreaming about what it would be like to live there.) To pile blessings atop another- I don't even have to head into the office today!  We are preparing for a large trip to Panama which we leave for in less than a month, so we decided to pause all of our office work for one day and float the river with all of our interns. It will be a blast. 

Love these light infused looks and just had to share some Monday morning eye candy: 

Check out these tea cups from Mika 78
{ photo: shopscad }
Have a lovely Monday, get lots of work done with a smile on your face! Oh, and comment here and tell me what ya did this weekend!


iva yaneva said...

I had a great weekend as well!:) Me and my bf decided that since we don't go out very often we'd spend the whole weekend outside or visiting places we haven't been to before :)it was lovely!
I didn't do almost any work during the weekend, so it is a working day for me today:) but it is Monday afternoon over here and it is raining lovely spring rain, the air is so fresh and it is perfect for me to sit at my desk, watch how the rain falls outside my window and do some work :)
oh, and what are you guys doing in Panama? sounds really exciting :)

Brooke Meyenberg said...

Weekends are the best! It’s amazing sometimes how much you can accomplish in two days. On a lunch hour trip to Home Depot on Friday I spotted two trees I just HAD to have. Somehow, someway these two trees inspired …a completely revamped back yard, thirteen rolls of sod, a yard and a half of bark, four MORE trees (for a total of six), five new bushes, oodles of new perennials and annuals and one sore back.

My lazy Sunday reward for my Saturday’s efforts… An amazing Egg Benedict breakfast cooked by dear sweet Jack (complete with mimosas). A nap in the sun on our new deck. And kabobs on the grill (with more champagne) to top the evening off. Gotta love the weekends! said...

i think this chandelier is adorable. Such a great idea!

Lily G. said...

Those tea cup lights are so adorable! great find!

christa Baca said...

Iva- My husband and I started a non-profit which helps people around the world. We take students on overseas trips and provide humanitarian outreach and medical aid as well as by sharing a message of hope in public schools, parks, plazas etc through drama and different outreaches. You can see some pics of our last trip on this site: http://www.followthemystery,com

christa Baca said...

oh yeah- and in Panama we will be doing medical clinics, as well as providing an entire group of islands with fresh drinking water for the first time. I am way excited about it!