Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's true!

{Photo seen via Mika 78 photo from Blow at life}

It's true, I used to be a coke addict. (Relax, Coca- cola, folks.) I drank nothing BUT coke for almost 20+ years. The result? Many days spent feeling sick, tired, sinus infections and skin rashes. It is only now, at age 31 that I am beginning to see a new me emerge. I have been Coca-cola free for almost six years now. It is a wonderful feeling. I would challenge all of you to shake off addictions of any kind and pursue a healthy lifestyle- not so you can be super skinny, but so you can live a long life and enjoy it to the best of your health. Although, people who cut out sugary sweets like soda and candy usually lose an average of 15 pounds. (Nice!)

So what about you? What choices have you made that have improved your overall health? Was it hard? How did you do it? Comment and let us all know!


iva yaneva said...

Before going to university I was super skinny. It was weird, because I was literally living on chips and candies some of the days. When I moved 3 years ago I slowly started to gain weight. I guess it was due to the fact I stopped going to parties and therefore stopped dancing (which I did at least twice a week, 4-5 hours a day). I also have no time for sport and now I weight 33 pounds more than I used to 3 years ago! It's not that I'm full figured or something, but being very skinny all my life I don't really feel comfortable with my body now. So I started eating more vegetables and meat, less junk food. Yesterday I started a two-week challenge eating Nestle Fitness for breakfast :)
As for the coke, I haven't drunk it for over two or three years now. It is weird, because I didn't decide to stop drinking it, it just happened so. Now if there are both coke and water on the table I would never reach for the coke.. And it feels great! :)

christa Baca said...

Iva- me too. Aging does that to you. When I turned 26 I started gaining weight-- but then I just made a commitment to exercise and make better health choices and I am content with what I weigh. I strive to be healthy and strong- and the result is a fitter me. Even though I am super busy I try to carve out 30 minutes each day to exercise.

jen said...

in high school i remember camping with a friend and her family and all we drank for 4 days was coke. you don't have to guess what color my urine was. - sorry can i say that here?! - haha anyway, i've made major changes in the past 5 years that have been so great for my health. i eat better, feel better and i think the changes i made have helped this pregnancy to be easier than it would've been otherwise. it's been enjoyable and not painful and wretched like i've heard so often. i love it.

christa Baca said...

That is so amazing Jen! I admire anyone who has the courage and self discipline to take control of their life like that- especially during pregnancy which is a time when most women are so lenient towards their health. Good for you and I know that your little one will thank you for that one day!