Sunday, May 10, 2009


This is one of my favorite pictures of my Mom.  It was taken just a few months before she met my dad.  When I was a little girl I could remember thinking that she looked like an angel in this picture.  

My mom is the best.  She gave me my first box of crayons, taught me how to read, and swung me for hours on the swing. She taught me that beauty was on the inside; that books were magical, and that the world needs people who care.  If you have had the pleasure of meeting her, you know that she would rather answer you with a song than with plain words and that she is really listening to you when she tilts her head to the side.  

We like to call her "Ma" and believe it or not, there is actually a mocking bird that lives in a nearby tree in Massachusetts that mimics the sound of all of us kids calling for her.  It's true; come over for a cookout in her big backyard and you will hear him call, "Ma! Ma!"  Mom is a bird lover to the core, and the birds love her as well.  When she wakes, she feeds the birds that live in her backyard; they all perch on the railing of the porch till she rises and then they flutter with excitement upon her rising.  As children; she would help us set out clippings of brightly colored yarn for the birds to wind into their nests in spring. 

Mom doesn't just care for birds.  She has dedicated her life to serving people.  There are hundreds of folks who could tell you dozens of stories of things that she has said that has inspired them, helped them, or given them hope.  She is wonderful at that. 

I sure do love her, and today I think of her and all the other wonderful mothers out there. Happy Mothers Day to all you beautiful moms!!  Always remember that being a mom is the most important job on Earth; and your life makes all the difference. 


yrustaringatme said...

Oh, that's a gorgeous picture! You're mom sounds really amazing.

I adore my mom. She made some crazy big decisions leaving her home and country to come to the US to marry my dad. They didn't know each other very long before they got engaged. My dad was stationed in Germany and they met in a coffee shop. They've been together about 33 years now. I'm always amazed at the chance she took.

You should check out my blog, check out the card I made her. :)

umama said...

So gorgeous. I have a photo of my mom in very similar hues. Something about those vintage photography pieces are absolutely gorgeous and capture a certain aspect.