Wednesday, May 13, 2009


One of the best vacations I ever had as a single girl was with my good friend Crystal.  We both love books, so we brought a stack of our favorites for the other to read, chilled on the most comfy couches and beach loungers and we did nothing at all but read.  It was indulgent and fabulous. 

I have been in such a reading mode lately.  I love when books enrapture me to the point where they beckon me to fall into their pages.  Of course you have to find an incredibly written work to do that. Finding time to read is one of my favorite indulgences.  Be sure to fill out the new poll on the right side bar and let us all know what your favorite indulgence is.  

Summer is closing in on me and I need to get my summer reading list together.   So tell me, creative readers!  What are your favorite books of all time?  


jen said...

I love vacations like that, it sums up my Christmas vacation sitting in the sun (when there is sun) on my in-laws back porch.

I love anything that pulls me in. My list of books 'to-read' is always growing. Since I was a girl I've loved Anne of Green Gables series, Little Women series and Heidi.
Others I like:
The Portrait of Dorian Gray
All Quiet on the Western Front
Flowers for Algernon
The Giver
Everything Calvin & Hobbes

My MIL recommended something called the 'Mitford series' and a series by janet evanovich although I haven't started either just yet. I've been burying my nose in birthing books as of late.

iva yaneva said...

that sounds like a really lovely vacation! :)
The last book I read was The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. It is an amazing book and I am definitely reading more of her work.. So smart, intelligent and bold her ideas are.. I also loved Gone with the wind, I think it is a must-read :)

jen, I loved Anne of Green Gables series too! and Little women was my favorite book when I was a kid (even a bit after that:)

christa Baca said...

Can't wait to check these out! I am immersed right now in "The Joy Luck Club" it has a fabulous narrative and the stories of these women are so heart gripping. It reminds me of my travels to China...

yrustaringatme said...

I've been reading the Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe by Douglas Adams.

It's actually 5 novels in one book, and I've been chipping away at it since Christmas. I'm a pretty fast reader, but have had zero time to escape in it.

It's based on a British radio show. *There's also a movie based on the first novel* It's sooooo stinkin hilarious. Really. I quote passages from to friends and they're all itching to borrow it when I'm done.