Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring time hair

Love these spring time hair styles that I saw over at Lillies and Grapes!  It was total hair inspiration for me.  

 The side braid has been making a comeback in the recent months; in fact the last time I saw a look like this I was in grade school.  I liked it then and I love it now. 
I have been twisting my bangs up and to the side lately and securing them with bobby pins or small clips.  I started growing my bangs out a few months ago to make it easier. If you don't have long bangs you can achieve this look with some really strong hair spray.  I recommend getting a bottle of got2b for your bang up-do's.  The spray will make your hair solid like the coif of an 1980's rock star but without that "wet look".  You could ride a roller coaster and your hair would still be in tact; and it's perfect to secure hair that's shorter.  Here's my bang twist at a recent photo shoot we did. 

The below style combines the messy bun and the side braid.  

One trick to getting the messy bun style to really work for you is to make sure that your hair is not freshly washed.  Uber clean hair will make it impossible to style. Check out the full post from Lillies and Grapes to read the how you can get these great looks.  


jen said...

i just gave myself blunt cut bangs/fringe and now I'm wishing i had my swoop bangs back!

thanks for coming to visit my little craft blog, i'm glad you found somethings you like. I'm continually inspired by your blog.

blog love right back at'cha.

christa Baca said...

Oh- but I bet the bangs look cute! said...

I love the side bun, and the braids are really fun and easy! Great ideas to mix it up this spring!