Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I am a huge fan of starbucks.  Because the hubby and I are trying to nix bad habits such as spending discretionary money frivolously; we have been trimming and slimming back on our Starbucks habit.  However, I recently discovered that for half the calories and now half the price you can order a grande iced coffee for $1.95.  

Greg and I are also horrible about cooking at home.  (We NEVER do it.) I'm a really good cook too!  But after an 8-10+ hour workday the last thing on my mind is cooking and doing dishes. (Even though ideally I would love to do it.)  As a result, we are always trying to figure out ways to cut corners in eating out.  Recently we discovered the $5 foot longs at Subway and they are a-mazing! No dishes, not too heavy on the calories, and best of all CHEAP!  Greg and I split one for lunch and one for dinner Monday- Friday.  They have such a variety to choose from, so far we haven't gotten tired of it!  (Not to sound like Jared, but can I just say that the jeans are fitting a little less tight too?) 

What about you guys? How are you trimming and slimming your budgets during these economic times?  One thing I do love about the challenge of economic uncertainty is that I find myself being more creative, more resourceful, and thankfully; less wasteful.  There is something so freeing about shaking off the shackles of excess in your life. Comment and share your tips on how you are scrimping and saving! 


evie s. said...

We love shopping estate sales and thrift shops. We hardly ever buy anything retail anymore, unless we have a gift card or really need something. For now, we've also completely cut out eating out at restaurants and going out for entertainment. We've found creative ways to stay in and have fun together or just going to see family and friends.

christa Baca said...

I love thrifting too! I have never been to an estate sale- sounds like fun though. Good for you cutting out eating out! It is forever our nemesis. It is nice to cut back in many ways. We started budgeting several years ago and most people think that would feel constricting, but it is actually so FREEING! You can see the direct (graph) benefits of your hard work, savings, and thriftiness! Love you Evie! You are quite the inspiration.