Friday, April 22, 2011

DIY Earring Holder

Behold, the vintage shutter. A.K.A.-- earring holder.
Picked this beauty up for about $3 at a local antique dealer. I knew exactly what to do with it when I bought it- earring holder. I kept it as-is with it's well worn scrapes and bruises, that is of course the beauty of buying antique. Although, I made one modification- I hot glued one of the shutters so that it wouldn't flip down when I hung my heavy earrings on it.

My previous "earring organization" was a couple of cardboard jewelry boxes. But sweet earrings like this shouldn't be thrown in a cardboard box! They deserve the royal treatment.

Definitely a fun project to do over the weekend. Your earrings have been waiting for this kind of treatment!

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Jessa said...

Oh, this would be perfect for craft fairs (or at home!). I love the idea of finding a unique display for your jewelry - I think it can turn the stuff you wear every day into art. Plus, if you can see all your jewelry, it makes it easier to accessorize in the morning.