Saturday, May 21, 2011

The art of being happy

You may not have it all. Chances are you don't. However, compared to the rest of the world you have it awesome. A few weeks ago I spent a very cold night outdoors. The non-profit I started hosts an event called Orphan for a Night where we raise funds for the most destitute of orphans- the abandoned and homeless. The whole theme for the evening is to spend one night in their reality- but the honest truth was most of us were headed home to get some "good sleep" in our beds. Yet, for many around the world this is the reality that they face... Check out Global Rich list and you can see where you live compared to most of the world. Most likely- you are blessed beyond measure.

I know blogging is all about beautiful things and finding sources of inspiration- but in our quest to find things that are beautiful let us not ungratefully overlook our own life- which is indeed beautiful.

Everyday Greg comes home from work and Zion and I throw a party. We run up to the door, cheer, shout and yell. Greg rests from the day for a few minutes and I put dinner on the table. After dinner we all play. It is true beauty and one of the most joyous moments of my day. Comment below and tell me something "ordinary" in your life that you can extract happiness from... sharing it will inspire others to see happiness in their ordinary.

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