Monday, May 7, 2012

Guest Bedroom Redo

Just redid my guest bedroom.  I wanted to do a beachy theme, with a vintage flair.
Above is my vintage fan that I picked up for a steal ($5) at this (see pic below) little flea market on my drive home from Kansas City. 

I decided to forgo the traditional headboard and opted for these vintage windows ($3 each) from a "secret spot" that my friend over at Third Story Apartment told me about. Who by the way, is moving from our beloved Tulsa (waaaaa! sniff, sniff). Which is actually good news for you because she is selling a bunch of her stuff! Click here to check out the goodies. 

I watercolored and punched with a 3/4" circle the dots that are on the frame, I wanted it to capture the sea foam bubbles that you see rising from the ocean. 

 I made this little frame from a vintage frame I picked up for three dollars. It was super cheap because it had a huge dent in it.  Which is absolutely noticeable when in it's original gold foil leaf- but is completely camouflaged when covered with ivory paint.

I was inspired by Restoration Hardware's frames. Which lovely as they are, I am never willing to throw down $500 for a cork board.   I made it using a $1 piece of foam core covered with white burlap and framed with my white frame.
Gotta show you one last thing; my vintage chair bought and recovered for less than $5.

Hope that can give you some inspiration for a room that you need to redo.  Things don't have to be super expensive to be put together well. Seek inspiration in things that you see and ask yourself if you can make it yourself cheaper!

That's all for now, 'till next time.

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