Sunday, November 25, 2012

Coast to Coast Challenge

You have to check out this amazing blog that two of my best girls started! It's called Coast to Coast Challenge. Click here to check it out! 
Coast to Coast Challenge is carried out every Tuesday and Thursday as an innovative way for girls to try out the latest hair, makeup, and fashion trends. The challenge allows girls to reinvent their wardrobes, try new things things, and connect with girls around the globe. Want to join? Check out the blog or the Instagram hashtag #coasttocoastchallenge every Monday and Wednesday evening at 7pm central to get the next day’s challenge!

How did this start anyways? 

The story goes like this:
After both relocating from Tulsa, Oklahoma to opposite coasts, two friends: Lauren and Lindsey, were on the hunt for a tradition that would allow them to stay connected despite the thousands of miles separating them. Working for Marilyn Monroe Spas & Salons, Lauren spent a lot of time researching various hairstyles for the salon look-book. After continuously flipping through magazine pages, Lauren decided that it was time that she brave the waters of new hairstyles and try out the charming crown braid. Naturally, being in a long distance friendship, Lauren snapped a photo of her experimental braid and sent it straight to Lindsey. Always up for new things and in the spirit of living life together while a part, Lindsey decided to attempt mastering the hairstyle as well. Naturally, the photos were uploaded to Instagram [IG]  and the hashtag #coasttocoastchallenge was added. The two friends decided  to continue to challenge each other with different fashion, hair, and/or makeup trends throughout the week as a means of staying connected. Little did they know what would come from these two IG posts.
The following day presented a new challenge and again the girls uploaded their photos of the challenge to IG. As the day progressed several of the girls’ friends across the country saw photos of the challenge and quickly wanted to be a part of what these two had began. The next day their girlfriends joined the challenge, with each girl uploading a photo of their creative spin on the challenge to IG and included the hashtag #coasttocoastchallenege [in order to keep up on everyone's looks].

The rest is history as more and more girls have caught on and joined the challenge.

Join the challenge this week by following @c2c_central and if you join in be sure to tag me in your pic: @christabaca

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