Saturday, April 25, 2009

The beach house

Hope you enjoy 
The Beach House

First on our house tour, a quick stop by the living room: 

Let's go to the kitchen where I have some oatmeal cookies baking just in time for your arrival: 

I love the view from the dining room: 
Take a Fresh Approach: Scatter several small items, instead of one large centerpiece, down the length of your table. Keep conversation flowing by choosing shorter arrangements that guest can easily see over.
{Dining room via Coastal Living Magazine}

If you were a guest at the beach house you would stay in one of three bedrooms.  We don't have a master bedroom here, because we want all of the rooms to be equally as special.  
Romantic bedroom

The second bedroom: 
Colour boost
{Photo via Living Etc.}

And the Third: 

Let's see the children's rooms: 
Floral mural
{Photo via living etc.}

Wouldn't you just have so much fun as a little kid in this room?

For the boys:
 White boy's bedroom
{Photo via Living Etc.}

Check out the kids bathroom: 

{photo via Canadian Family}

Here is the other bath, for those of us who need to relax and unwind.  
{Photo via Living Etc.}

Since there is no work to be done at the beach house.  (In fact the word "work" is not even permitted to be mentioned.) I thought I would show you my cozy reading nook.  This is where I love to cuddle up with a blanket and book to read.
{Photo via Harmony & Home

As always, the last stop on the tour is the lovely veranda, where we would sit and visit over a cup of decaf and reminisce over a plate of oatmeal cookies. Outdoor living room

When it gets a tad chilly I'l grab you a sweater and a blanket and we will move to the fire pit and talk as we watch the sun set. 

{Photo via Harmony and Home}

Hope you enjoyed the Beach house.  Now you tell me; what was your favorite beach vacation?  Where were you and what is your fondest memory from that trip?

  Oh, and don't forget to enter my contest in yesterdays post for a free Top 100 book.  (I made it myself- so you know that you will love it!) 


evie s. said...

The best (and only) beach vacation I've had was with Kent's family to St. Johns, Virgin Islands. We stayed in a big beautiful house with a private beach where Kent and I collected hundreds of shells (yes, hundreds). Lots of fond memories from this trip, and it was the last family vacation we took before Kent's mom passed away.

christa Baca said...

What a beautiful memory Evie! Thanks for sharing.

Kristiane Smith said...

beautiful rooms... ahh! i am inspired! :D