Sunday, April 26, 2009

Top 100

I don't know if you've had a chance to read some of the comments on the top 100 page yet- (The Top 100 is a contest to win a book that I made)  Can I just say that you guys are truly inspiring!  I have enjoyed reading the things that touch the hearts of the Baca Creative readers- here are just a few in case you missed them!

"Hmm, top 100. I would probably have to say that one of the top things I want to do is build a house for my mother. This is kind of a necessity for me. The plan is this- to buy some land in relative proximity to me- close enough for babysitting and all :), and sit her down with an architect, construction company, interior designer, horticulturist/landscaper, whomever else with one rule: tell them exactly what you want- no limits. What she'll get is the house of her dreams, and what I'll get is the opportunity for my mother to get something she absolutely deserves for all the sacrifices she's made for my family." D$

"One of my top 100 things is to start or fund an orphanage in India. That is one of the more ambitious goals I have. :)" Evie S. 

"my husband and I to go to times square for the "times square kiss in" on August 14th, and take a picture, like the famous one with the sailor hat on and the rose in honor of the anniversary of THE END OF WWII. So adorable, and fun! (We've both never been there!)" Hillary S

There are so many more fun comments on here! If you haven't had a chance to enter the contest and share with us your top 100; take a moment to do so right now. Not so much for the top 100 book; but for the opportunity to enter a community of people that I believe will take our hearts intentions and live and walk them out on a daily basis.  Thanks to all my readers for their inspiration.  You guys make me smile and want to keep creating! 

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ConnieK said...

Here is one of the links that are for bookplates for books that are gifts:

Also, I made some desktop wallpapers for April and will be doing them again for May-

Love reading your posts!!