Friday, May 1, 2009


The top 100 contest winner goes to D$ in honor of mothers day.  Here are his sweet words: 

"Hmm, top 100. I would probably have to say that one of the top things I want to do is build a house for my mother. This is kind of a necessity for me. The plan is this- to buy some land in relative proximity to me- close enough for babysitting and all :), and sit her down with an architect, construction company, interior designer, horticulturist/landscaper, whomever else with one rule: tell them exactly what you want- no limits. What she'll get is the house of her dreams, and what I'll get is the opportunity for my mother to get something she absolutely deserves for all the sacrifices she's made for my family." D$

Thanks to everyone who entered; I loved hearing all of your hopes and aspirations.  What an amazing group of readers that you are and that I am blessed to know.  

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