Monday, May 25, 2009

Indoor branches

Love this photo with indoor branches. 
{Photo above and below via desire to inspire}
I am a big fan of indoor branches and I have a few placed inside my own home. I found this one while driving.  It was just sitting forlornly in a parking lot. I whipped around the corner and popped it in my trunk.  {Placed inside my home office}

I snagged these bittersweet branches while driving to work one day.  They were growing over a fence.  I grabbed a set of clippers and a trash bag and made some lovely thanksgiving decorations with them.  Bittersweet will dry and hold their color for about two years.  {Photo taken in my living room}

Below is my favorite branch find of all times.  We had a big ice storm a few years back and the result was thousands of fallen trees.  I grabbed this one in a pile on 91st and Garnette.  I just drove over to the side of the road and started rummaging through this pile of branches.  I can't explain it, but it was almost like the branch was calling me.  (Now I sound a tad bit crazy!) It was the perfect addition to the living room. 

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iva yaneva said...

you don't sound crazy to me, only because I have a large branch right next to me haha :) I have an idea to do something with it but there is always not enough time.. right after my exams - I promise! :)
p.s. I remember giving my parents a branch as a gift for their anniversary when I was 5 or so, and they kept it for over 15 years :)