Monday, May 25, 2009

Sisal vase wrap

My dear sweet husband brought me home three roses last week and I am a stickler for trying to make his gifts last {Read this post if you haven't already}.  So, I decided to place a few of the ferns that we usually throw out into some old vintage bottles that I had laying around.  Then I spotted a sisal wrapped vase in one of my favorite catalogs  and decided to try to make my own.  Here are the directions friends on how to make your own sisal wrapped vase. 

First: the supplies. Sisal, scissors, and scotch tape. 

Next, wrap the sisal one time around the vase and knot. You will need to leave one end with about 6-8 inches of sisal.  Tape to hold it into place. 
Pull the loose end down to the bottom of the vase and tape. 

Continue to wrap the sisal around the vase. 

Once you have wrapped the sisal around the middle of the vase and it is the desired thickness that you like, tie the end to the bottom piece of sisal that you taped.  
Voila!  A lovely table arrangement for you to enjoy!  Simple and lovely. 

P.S.  The flowers that Greg gave me which inspired the post!


iva yaneva said...

this is really cute! it looks even more vintage than it probably is :)
p.s. I love how you display art in the last photo - without hanging it - it gives the room somehow a more artistic feel :)

paperseed said...

Cool. Found your blog via Craftynest.

christa Baca said...

Iva- another idea that I snagged from Pottery Barn. They have the best displays!!